Everything is coming up raspberries

St Anne’s In Bloom have donated autumn fruiting raspberries to Heyhouses
Church of England School, St Thomas’ Church of England School and
Shepherd Lodge Nursery School.

The bushes were donated to us and they
were welcomed by the schools concerned. All of them are wanting to grow
fruit and vegetables so that their children can see where food comes
from. Autumn fruiting raspberries have advantages over summer ones; They
will fruit during term time, the fruits are larger and better formed,
and the little critters that like to live in raspberries tend not to go
for them later in the year – so less worry about getting a little bit of
extra protein in your bite!

We try to support all of the schools in town. If any other schools think
they could do with help then please get in touch. We try to look for

We have run out of raspberries though!

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