Preparations and volunteering opportunities

There is lots going on at the moment in preparation for winter

The old railing planters are currently being removed



These will soon be replaced by newer ones once they have planted up with some lovely spring bedding

It would be great if we could have volunteers to plant up tubs and inserts to go into troughs at the Depot on Thursday 19th October. If you normally go to Peace and Happiness Garden to do gardening but would be willing to do this insead then that’s fine. There will be spring bedding and mini daffs to plant.


Help is also needed with  planting daffodils  on 22nd October on Queensway at 10.00.  Please help if you can and it would be helpful to know who is coming


If you would like to volunteer to help with any of the above, or in any other way please send a message  –  we will be very happy to hear from you

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