About Us

St Anne’s in Bloom is a voluntary group dedicated to supporting our town by helping to provide a bright and attractive environment. We work with residents, local organisations, businesses, St Anne’s Town Council and Fylde Borough council, to create wonderful bloom filled public spaces, promote interest in gardening, and support local events.

Throughout the year we plant and maintain numerous beds, containers and large planters around the town centre to create attractive floral displays.

With support from local businesses, St Anne’s Town Council, Fylde Borough Council and our own fund raising events we are able to put on a magnificent floral display each year. We have worked hard to maintain some of the floral features in the town and to introduce new ones.

We receive support and generous donations from the public and the many businesses in St Annes. We would not be able to achieve the numerous projects that help improve our town for the people that live here and for the many visitors that visit each year with out their help.

We are extremely grateful for all this support, encouragement from the local community. Do a little, change a lot.

St. Anne’s in Bloom has a committee and is a fully constituted organisation, Meetings are held monthly and volunteers are always welcome. We work closely with Fylde Borough Council and St Anne’s on the Sea Town Council, but mainly support community groups around the town.

The committee consists of:

  • Chair – Fiona Boismaison
  • Deputy Chair – Ian Roberts
  • Treasurer – Gillian West
  • Note Taker – Sandra Pitman

Other Committee members:

  • Judith Rigg
  • Liz Dry
  • Kim Dykes
  • Katy Watson

St. Anne’s in Bloom activities and projects include:

  • Participation in the annual North West In Bloom competition
  • Working with ‘Friends Of…’ groups representing local parks and gardens
  • Community allotments on Blundell Road and Shepherd Road
  • Working with schools to improve eco-awareness and develop young gardeners
  • Supporting Fylde Borough Council’s planting in the town by providing and maintaining bedding in troughs and tubs.

If you know of any sites in St. Annes that would benefit from a little TLC – then please get in touch.