Protecting our dunes

The dunes in St Anne’s have had about 2,000 Christmas trees put into them this winter in order to create stronger dunes closer to the sea.

The project helps the sand to stay on the beach and not on the streets as well as creating habitat for rare dune plants and wildlife who rely on the dunes.

The more secure dunes also protect our town from the occasional high tide and future sea rises.

The project has been running for about six years now and is a partnership run by Fylde Council, Blackpool Council and The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside and funded by the Environment Agency. St Anne’s In Bloom support the partnership by providing volunteers who collect trees from St Anne’s residents.

This year St Anne’s in Bloom Collected about 400 trees over the first weekend after Christmas

There were about 20 volunteers divided into six teams.

Their work was supported by Judith Rigg and Carol Lanyon who took addresses and sorted out the route

We had two teams who provided lunch and refreshments too

Thanks so much to all our volunteers for their hard work

There were about 45 volunteers for each of the three days helping to put the trees into the dunes. Some were students from Burnley College.

Any trees that are left over will be put in by the regular volunteer group who meet every Thursday and who support Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

If you wish to help them, please contact Hilary on

Plugs of marram grasses were also planted to help stabilise the dunes.

These had been grown by Fylde Borough Council with the help of volunteers from The Ormerod Trust.

Can you help us out?

Do you have free space to spare in one of these? 


Or one of these     

As you may know we are collecting old golf bags to fill with plants during the Women’s Open Golf this coming Summer.
We need somewhere temporary to store the bags for a few weeks until we are ready to plant them up. – probably from early May into June.
If you can help please get in touch.

We need your old bags!

We are looking for unwanted golf bags

The Women’s Open Golf Tournament is returning to Royal Lytham this Summer and we would like to celebrate by planting up some  golf bags as part of our display

If you have a bag you no longer want please send us a message and we will arrange to collect