Bulb planting in St Annes

St Anne’s In Bloom volunteers joined forces with the children of AKS Junior School today to plant daffodil bulbs along the central reservation of King Edward Avenue.

This initiative is part of the Town Council’s plan to create floral gateways at the entrances to St Annes On Sea.

Fylde Borough Council have chosen the daffodils species.

Our volunteers made the holes and the children put the bulbs in and closed up the planting pockets by jumping on the turf.

All children from Reception to Year four joined in and it was a lot of fun.

The children are looking forwards to seeing their own bit of the reservation flowering next year. It was so lovely to have children get involved with our work.

(Photographs shared with permission from AKS Junior School)

More bulb planting will be taking place across the town over the next couple of weeks. On Sunday 18th, St Margaret’s Brownies are planting at Headroom Gate and our St Anne’s In Bloom volunteers are working at Heyhouses Road by the Shell garage.

Anyone who would like to help us should contact us via our website http://www.stannesinbloom.com or via our Facebook page

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