Royal Bank of Scotland assist by painting barrels

We’re banking on you!

Fiona Boismaison with RBS staff Nicola Bradley, Chris Secker and Matthew Cardwell at the Ashton Garden’s Depot.

Three staff from the Royal Bank of Scotland in St. Anne’s swapped their counter positions for a chance to be outside doing something different last week when they set to work painting half-barrel planters for St. Anne’s In Bloom at the Ashton Gardens depot.

The bank staff, who are encouraged to take part in community activities, offered their services after hearing a talk from the St. Anne’s In Bloom Chairman Fiona Boismaison.

Chris Secker Nicola Bradley and Matthew Cardwell make a start on their first task

They stopped counting notes for the day and agreed to slap on the undercoat as St. Anne’s In Bloom volunteers geared up their efforts to provide half-barrel containers and other planters for shops and businesses locally.

Organiser of the painting session Tony Ford said, “Our regular volunteers are at full stretch at the moment with work at the Peace and Happiness Garden and on the Crescent Gardens so we are grateful for the support of RBS employees Chris, Matthew and Nicola with this task, getting so much done in one go has really given us a boost.”

Tony Ford added, “We could have bought these containers ready-filled from an out-of-town nursery but where we can, we prefer to shop locally for all our horticultural materials and supplies. Local businesses support us so we support them at every opportunity.”

The morning’s work finished

Chris  Secker from RBS who arranged for the staff to get involved said “Thank you for the opportunity to join in with the activities, we all enjoyed it and found it worthwhile”.

Once the job was completed the RBS threesome agreed to have two of the barrels they painted placed outside the bank entrance with the promise that the staff would water and look after the plants during the summer months.

Chairman of St. Anne’s In Bloom Fiona Boismaison commented “We are always eager to recruit additional volunteers and the more people we have the better the job we can do in supporting Fylde Borough Council in making the town look ‘blooming great.’

Once the barrels have had their final coat they will be appearing outside the shops and offices who have already signed up.  Anyone interested in having a planter to enhance  the front of their premises is invited to contact Tony Ford    07831415482

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