Bulb planting in St Annes

St Anne’s In Bloom volunteers joined forces with the children of AKS Junior School today to plant daffodil bulbs along the central reservation of King Edward Avenue.

This initiative is part of the Town Council’s plan to create floral gateways at the entrances to St Annes On Sea.

Fylde Borough Council have chosen the daffodils species.

Our volunteers made the holes and the children put the bulbs in and closed up the planting pockets by jumping on the turf.

All children from Reception to Year four joined in and it was a lot of fun.

The children are looking forwards to seeing their own bit of the reservation flowering next year. It was so lovely to have children get involved with our work.

(Photographs shared with permission from AKS Junior School)

More bulb planting will be taking place across the town over the next couple of weeks. On Sunday 18th, St Margaret’s Brownies are planting at Headroom Gate and our St Anne’s In Bloom volunteers are working at Heyhouses Road by the Shell garage.

Anyone who would like to help us should contact us via our website http://www.stannesinbloom.com or via our Facebook page

Thank you “do”

Our Annual Thank You “Do” was held on Friday

This is always a most enjoyable evening and gives us an opportunity to meet with all our volunteers and supporters to share what has happened over the year

It was, as always a pleasure to welcome Town Mayor Cllr Karen Henshaw to the event. St Annes Town Council  and Fylde Borough Council are great supporters of St Annes in Bloom

Fiona (Chair St Anne in Bloom) showing off our Gold Award

The event gave us an opportunity to share and celebrate our recently awarded Gold and our winning the category for Best Large Coastal Resort for the first time since 2012.

Southport have been the winners of this award over recent years and it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise to receive this result

All our community groups have worked so hard this year in difficult hot, dry conditions and the ones entered for the In Your Neighbourhood award all received “Outstanding” which is a fantastic achievement

Full details of these awards are in a previous post

As many photographs of the event as possible have been included here but I am sorry for any omissions – hopefully this gives you a flavour of the event


Poplar Court Residents received their “Outstanding Award”


Colourful Welcome 


St Annes in Bloom instigated this award to encourage local hospitality businesses to offer a floral welcome to their visitors

Divided into categories and judged over July and August this year we were very pleased to announce the winners on Friday Night

Bed and Breakfast – The Fairmile

Hotel – Howarth House

Pubs and Clubs – St Annes Cricket Club

Cafe and Restaurant Wigglesworth’s

This year we extended the awards to include other businesses around our town as so many had made such a wonderful effort to provide some colour to their premises

Congratulations to DR Design, Alice’s Tea Rooms, R. L. Whitehead and Daughter, Pippan at Home, Croppers Barbers, St Annes Chippy, St Annes Music and Pre-loved sofas


Following a buffet supper the Town Mayor serenaded us with a special song she had written to the tune of “English Country Garden” with lyrics relating to St Annes in Bloom

A lovely “note” on which to end to a most enjoyable evening

A serenade from Town Mayor Cllr Karen Henshaw


Gold again for St Annes

It was another day of Gold for St Annes in Bloom at the North West in Bloom awards yesterday

Large Coastal Resort – Gold Award and overall Category Winner to receive the North West in Bloom Trophy

This is a superb achievement so a huge well done to all our volunteers and supporters
Without your continued support and hard work none of this would be possible

Here is a round up of all the other awards celebrated during the afternoon

Fylde Borough Council winning the Environmental Quality Award


Ashton Gardens won Gold in the Best Parks Category – this was the first year of entering this category

A huge well done to Patrick and all the staff and supporters who have worked so hard to achieve this

A special mention must go to Lilian  and Tony Barrow of Braxfield Court

Winners of the Best Residential Accommodation display in the North West for 9 years in a row!



It was a day of Celebrations all round


In Your Neighbourhood Awards were announced on Thursday and it was a clean sweep of “Outstanding” for all the St Annes entries

Friends of St Annes Station
Shepherd Road Allotments
Blundell Road Allotments
Poplar Court
St Annes Dunes Project

Photo by Russell Clarke

Thank you to everyone for helping to make St Annes an even better place to be



It’s planting time again

The time is here when help is needed to plant up winter/spring bedding

This year to help commemorate the end of The First World War, St Anne’s In Bloom have had some very hard working volunteers making ‘Silent Soldiers’ which will have a small bedding trough at the base.

Here they are as a “work in progress”


We will be putting these out by 31st October and would like to ask for help in planting them up

If you can help, please come along to the Ashton Garden Depot on Wednesday 24th October at 9.30

You may need to bring gardening gloves gloves

When the ‘Silent Soldiers’ are finished it would be great if we can carry on with planting up inserts for the Crescent and maybe a few spare tubs.

The rest of the tubs will need to be planted up and we are hoping this can be done on Wednesday 31st October at 2pm at Ashton Garden Depot.

If you are able to help with planting on either of those dates please send a message via this page or send an email to fiona@boismaison.co.uk

There will be a short  ceremony at St Annes’s Station on 31st October at 10.15 am to unveil the Silent Soldiers

Later the same day the new benches in Ashton Gardens will be unveiled near the War Memorial



Gardening Club is back

Gardening Club starts again on Thursday this week (13th September) at the Peace and Happiness Garden

Meet at 10.00 for around an hour of tidying and gardening then a brew and a chat in the Pier Cafe

We will then  meet every two weeks at the same time

Further improvements to the planting and hard landscaping are planned for thre coming year

which will further enhance this space and make the most of the seafront position

If you are coming along please bring a trowel and a bucket and a hi viz vest if you have one

Caring for your Canna


You may have noticed lots of these plants in the town display this Summer and several people purchased them from us at the Carnival.

Many people have enquired about the best way to care for their plants especially over the Winter.

They are low maintenance and easy to grow, and both their flowers and foliage offer long-lasting colour in the garden.

Once established, cannas need to be kept moist. They also require monthly fertilizer that is relatively higher in phosphate for continual bloom.

It is usually necessary to dig up and store canna rhizomes in the Autumn.

Winter care of the Canna plant will help to ensure you get many years of pleasure from these glorious plants. In October there is a choice to make: lift or mulch? Caution or crossed fingers?

A thick, dry mulch applied now might be enough to keep out the frost, forming a duvet it cannot quite penetrate.  Or it might not be quite cosy enough, the frost might winkle in and your corms will be turned to mush.  If you don’t want to take the chance, and particularly if your area is cool and frost-prone and your soil less than well drained, it is sensible to lift cannas, dry them out, and store them over winter.

Use a garden fork to gently lift the corms or tubers from the ground, then cut down the blackened stems to about 2in (5cm), and shake off the excess soil. Much will cling, so wash it off under a hosepipe or give a good dunk and scrub, taking care to evict mini slugs that will cause winter havoc. Leave to dry for a couple of days and then sink them deep into dry compost before tucking them away somewhere dark, cool and frost-free for the winter.

Prepare a large box and have some dry sand or peat free compost (that is not wet) ready. Put a layer of this in the bottom at least 1 inch thick. Carefully put a layer of rhizomes on top of  and cover them with more. Put more rhizomes in and cover them. It is important not to allow the pieces to touch otherwise they might rot. Cover the box with newspaper.

You need to keep your rhizomes from drying out completely but you don’t want any condensation.  Your roots will rot.

During the winter, check on your Canna lily roots and make sure that they are not going mouldy because of too much condensation.

As soon as the weather warm up they start sprouting and it’s a race to plant them. You can also start them inside in pots to give them an early start if you have a sunny window.

It is sometimes possible to overwinter your canna Lilies just by drying out the rizomes a bit and placing them in a loose pile in a bucket. This will work better if your roots are not damaged or bruised and if you have a nice cold dry room for them.

We hope you find this helpful and that you get many years of pleasure from your plants.