Volunteer spotlight: Phil Shaw


1.  How long have you been a volunteer?

Two years since I first moved to St Annes from Stockport.

2. Why did you join?

I had a few spare hours each week and wanted to give some time back to my community.

3. Specialist interest?

Nothing really other than enthusiasm and a willingness to help. I hadn’t done anything similar before and since joining SAIB my knowledge of plants has improved, especially those which are best for our unique local climate.

4. Why should other people join?

We are a friendly bunch and apart from working on the planting in the local area, we enjoy a chat over a coffee during our meetings. Many visitors to St Annes stop and talk to us so it is a chance to meet others who appreciate the work we do. If anyone has any spare time then please come and be part of our group. An hour a week can make a real difference.

5. Where is your favourite green space in St Annes?

Peace & Happiness Garden. It is an area used by a variety of individuals and groups and is perfect for a quiet sit down in what can be busy surroundings. A tray of fish and chips only adds to the enjoyment of this area by the sea.

[Published 30.09.22]