Committee spotlight: Kim Dykes


1. What is your role in SAIB?

I work with Judith supporting with social media and the website, showing people what we’re up to and the work that our dedicated teams do.

2. How long have you been a volunteer?

I have been a volunteer for less than 6 months (I joined in May 2022), so I’m relatively new to the team!

3. Why did you join?

I had some spare time and I wanted to do something for my local community.

4. Specialist interest?

I’m still learning, so no specialism just yet – ask me again in 12 months!

5. Why should other people join?

I help on a Friday at the Peace and Happiness Garden and I’ve really enjoyed learning more about plants and flowers – I’ve been trying to experiment in my own garden and it’s definitely given me more confidence!

6. Where is your favourite green space in St Annes?

I am always surprised at how versatile the Peace and Happiness gardens are, I love that we come across rogue tomato and potato plants in this area! I also like that so many people come and speak to us whilst we’re working!

[Published: 30.09.22]