Committee spotlight: Ian Roberts

ian Roberts
Ian at the Plant Sale, August Bank Holiday weekend 2022

1.  What is your role in SAIB?

I am the Deputy Chair.

2. How long have you been a volunteer?

10 years! Since 2012.

3. Why did you join?

I was invited to Chair the group by Tony Ford who was a Town Councillor at the time. He recognised the work I had done as Chair of the Friends of Hope Street Park Committee and thought I may be able to bring new ideas and a fresh energy.

4. Biggest achievement to date?

I guess it would be very quickly moving the Committee away from consisting mainly of Town Councillors who had many demands on their time and bringing local residents on board who were enthusiastic about making St Annes “A Better Place To Be”. The changes this brought resulted in us being awarded our first ever RHS Gold award in 2014.

5. Specialist interest?

Developing and maintaining good working relationships with our Town Council and Fylde Borough Council.

6. Why should other people join?

Our Committee and all of our wonderful volunteers too are a pleasure to work with. Their positivity, energy, skills and commitment to our town are lovely to see.  Being active and outdoors is so good for a person’s well-being too.

7. Where is your favourite green space in St Annes?

Hope Street Park, which is across the road from my house, it is a joy to see how busy it is with activities for all age groups. A real community asset.

[Published 25.09.22]