Committee spotlight: Fiona Boismaison

Fiona Boismason
Fiona at the Plant Sale, August Bank Holiday weekend 2022

1.  What is your role in SAIB?

I am the Chair. My role is to run the monthly meetings, enable the members of the committee to do their roles and to lead the team when necessary. Along with other committee members, I sort out the route the RHS Judges take when they visit the town as assess it for whether it can be awarded Gold or not. This means that I am privileged in meeting many members of the community, including school teachers and children as well as the older population. I communicate news and liaise with the two councils in town.

When I am not in my role as Chair, I tend to our allotment plot which grows our plants for display, and run tow volunteer groups. One at the allotment and another in town which looks after our tubs. I also order plants and help to create displays.

2. How long have you been a volunteer?

I volunteered in 2012 and became Chair in 2015.

3. Why did you join?

I studied horticulture and run my own gardening business and I like seeing areas becoming more horticulturally attractive. I love St Annes and I want to see it looking its best. I also find that mixing with people who want the best for the town too, cheers me up and makes me think that I live in a friendly place. I like doing my bit for the environment and I have lost count of how many trees and shrubs I have planted over the years.

4. Biggest achievement to date?

Winning Gold every year (including our recent 2022 win!) But I will also add the displays on the walls and shelter in the Peace and Happiness Garden (where Les Dawson’s statue is), is something I am really pleased about.

5. Specialist interest?

My knowledge of plants and their growing preferences is pretty good on the whole but there is always something new to learn. Gardeners can never know everything.

6. Why should other people join?

It’s really good for the mind to get out and improve an area for everyone to enjoy. You make friends and you also get praised from passers-by. What’s not to like about that?

7. Where is your favourite green space in St Annes?

Ashton Gardens is lovely but I really love to see the kites flying over the Peace and Happiness Garden when the kite festival is on.

[Published 25.09.22]