In Bloom judging: 21st July 2022

After a two year break, on Thursday 21st July we welcomed In Bloom judges; Tracey and Julie to St Anne’s – in what was a brilliant but tiring day! Fiona Boismason (Chair) and Ian Roberts (Deputy Chair) led the judges around town from 9.30am to 4.30pm, introducing them to many impressive local people, who do so much for our community. They learnt all about how these different people and projects make St Anne’s such a brilliant place to visit and live.

The Judges with the volunteers at the Peace and Happiness Gardens.

The judges noted how many areas had links across town to each other; creating a web of support which brings the community together. One of the repeated questions across the day was about how many volunteers were involved in each project and the numbers shared made it clear that it was well supported (although of course, we’d always welcome more hands!)  We also heard people share their feelings about how their volunteering work makes them feel, which was not only great to hear but a real privilege. Without our volunteers we couldn’t sustain the work we do, so thanks to all who took part in the day and shared your experience – we expect we’ll be marked highly regarding community involvement.

The judges were both involved in horticulture, so understood the pressures the recent hot weather had had on our displays, however, despite the extreme heat it was looking magnificent and a special thanks should go to the volunteers and Fylde Borough Council (FBC) workers who ensured everything was deadheaded and watered prior to the day. We could also see that the town and park was as litter free as it could be, so thank you so much to the litter pickers who have done (and continue to do) an amazing job and should be congratulated on their work in the community.

The judges visited so many great places in our town, including the Wesley Community Gardens who were fabulous and gave a real sense of how the garden helps the community. The Allotments were a calming respite in a very busy schedule and I’m sure everyone involved appreciated having a breather and later seeing many of the healthy and productive plots.

The afternoon finished with a walk along the Prom where the judges were talked through the developments regarding the attractions and sea defences from FBC. They also came across one of the new wheelchairs which allows people to access the beach and water. Thank you to FBC and a special thanks to Amy Docherty for being there on the day and organising so much to ensure the day went well.

Thanks should also go Dunes Project; the judges were so enthusiastic about the way the Project is developing and how it isn’t just protecting us but bringing us together. I would recommend taking the time to go on one of the guided walks at some time to
learn more. More details here:

Throughout the day copious notes were written and we’re as confident as we can be that we will get a good result in November. On behalf of the St Anne’s in Bloom Committee, thank you to all of those involved and we’re very proud to be part of this community.

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