April update

The new RHS criteria for judging the In Bloom Competition has now come through and it looks as if the RHS are definitely moving away from bedding displays with the focus more on sustainability.  At St Annes in Bloom we are moving away from “buying in” lots of bedding plants and working more on raising our own plants from seeds and cuttings. We have been potting on lots of cuttings and have sourced some plugs which are due to be delivered soon to supplement our “home grown” plants. Our tubs have perennials in them and the bedding is there to enhance the displays not be the sole provider of it. The new judging criteria will be discussed amongst our committee and we will make our decisions moving forward based on the information we have.

We have an ongoing programme with local primary schools to plant trees to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  The Rowan saplings we have are quite small but with care they should grow into substantial trees in the future to enhance the grounds of local schools.  We are also distributing Sunflower seeds to the children to encourage them to grow them on during the summer.

Students at St Anne’s College Grammar School were first with the tree planting and more schools will be planting their trees in the coming weeks.

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