New Judging criteria 2022

Britain in Bloom judging criteria have changed for 2022 to reflect more sustainable gardening.

St Anne’s in Bloom have been busy trying to work more sustainably over the last few years and we will continue to make changes going forward. On our allotment we are able to grow many of our own plants from seed or cuttings. We are already using more perennial plants in our displays and also using plants to encourage bees and other insects. We re-use and repurpose many products including pots, packaging and other items and we are looking constantly at other steps we can take.

Spring daffodils are now providing a fine display in St Annes – the Golden Gateway along Queensway is blooming in the sunshine and signs of Spring are definitely in the air.

The Promenade Gardening Group planted lots of daffodils at the entrance to the car park near the swimming pool. A generous donation from Vanessa Jayne Shakespeare enabled us to further enhance this area.

Look out for us working around St Annes now we have our new banner

Ask us about volunteering opportunities with St Annes in Bloom -you will be made very welcome

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