Exciting times

St Annes in Bloom have recently taken over an allotment at Shepherd Road. This is really exciting for us as it means we have more space to work and will be very beneficial as we develop new projects for the future.

In addition to giving us a base to work from it will also enable us to store the trailer safely and under cover.

Whist we cannot have a permanant structure we can, subject to approval, use a temporary cover.



There will also be space for a polytunnel which should enable us to raise our own seeds, cuttings and plants.

The rainwater run off from the polytunnel can be harvested and stored for use on site or for watering planters elsewhere.


The allotment will give our volunteers somewhere under cover to work and provide a meeting point for our working parties throughout the year.

Creating our own compost bins will make our work more sustainable and hopefully reduce our need to ‘buy in’supplies in the future.

The plot does require quite a lot of ground work and a start has already been made in clearing up  and preparing it before the winter sets in.

There are a couple of soft fruit trees and the option to create some raised beds for future use, we have a supply of wood on site which we will re-use for building the beds.

So watch this space and our Facebook page for future updates about the ongoing works.

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