It’s planting time again

The time is here when help is needed to plant up winter/spring bedding

This year to help commemorate the end of The First World War, St Anne’s In Bloom have had some very hard working volunteers making ‘Silent Soldiers’ which will have a small bedding trough at the base.

Here they are as a “work in progress”


We will be putting these out by 31st October and would like to ask for help in planting them up

If you can help, please come along to the Ashton Garden Depot on Wednesday 24th October at 9.30

You may need to bring gardening gloves gloves

When the ‘Silent Soldiers’ are finished it would be great if we can carry on with planting up inserts for the Crescent and maybe a few spare tubs.

The rest of the tubs will need to be planted up and we are hoping this can be done on Wednesday 31st October at 2pm at Ashton Garden Depot.

If you are able to help with planting on either of those dates please send a message via this page or send an email to

There will be a short  ceremony at St Annes’s Station on 31st October at 10.15 am to unveil the Silent Soldiers

Later the same day the new benches in Ashton Gardens will be unveiled near the War Memorial



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