Your Town needs YOU!

We are coming up to our busiest time of year and need as much help as we can get!

There should be something suitable for everyone, even if
you can’t do heavy lifting.

You do not need to be an expert, or know a lot about plants

Please come along and help us out – WE NEED YOU!

 Play your part and help St Anne’s to go for GOLD again in Britain in Bloom

this year

If you can’t help please try to spread the word

Tell your friends and family who may be interested and able to help


If you can help or need more details please message us via Facebook or via the contact button here on the website

Here are some dates we will be planting and preparing our summer displays

Planting Vertical Gardens

Ashton Gardens Depot on Tuesday 15th May starting at 10am

Planting up the vertical gardens with succulents.  The finished succulent display will be installed in the Peace and Happiness Garden


Planting up Golf Bags ready for the Women’s Open Golf Tournament

Ashton Garden Depot on Tuesday 29th May and Thursday 7th June  from 10am

We are going golf crazy this year and  putting over fifty golf bags about town which will have plants in them. This is light work but there will be a lot to do.

We may be planting into side pockets of the bags which is an experiment (always exciting)


Planting Tubs and Troughs for the displays around town

Ashton Garden Depot on Tuesday 12th June and Thursday 14th June from 10am

The tubs and inserts for troughs from outside the shops and for Crescent railings need to be planted up

We put in the summer bedding in which has been paid for by the businesses in town.

This normally takes a full morning as long as we have lots of help.


We are still gardening fortnightly in the Peace and Happiness Garden and the next date will be Thursday 24th May at 10 for an hour

We meet for a brew afterwards in the Pier cafe

This is an ideal opportunity to come along and meet us to have a chat about what we do


If you are coming along to help  please bring a trowel and gardening gloves if you have them

Footwear must cover your toes for safety


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