Thank you

Thank you to all those who contacted us about asking us to pick up your trees last week. Our six teams of volunteers were collecting Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday and worked amazingly hard! It’s not a nice job as I’m sure you can imagine. They showed determination to find every tree and were able to pick up the odd extra one that wasn’t on the list. However, a few addresses couldn’t be found, despite our volunteers having a really good local knowledge. Apologies if you booked a pick up and it didn’t happen – it might be because they couldn’t find you.

If you have missed having a tree collected by us, there are many places you can take your tree until 15th January. Scroll down for the information or go to for details. Please don’t leave your details for us to pick up your tree now. 

All in all, about 400 trees were collected over the weekend which will go to good use protecting and developing our dunes environment


Some of our volunteers taking a lunch break and time for a well deserved cuppa
Another trailer load

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