Christmas Tree Collection – Update

If you ask St Anne’s in Bloom to collect your Christmas tree not only will you be helping our sand dune defences, but you will also be helping to create a habitat for coastal plants (some rare – like the Isle of Man Cabbage and dune Helleborine) and wild life too.
Another advantage is that it’s free!

Last year our volunteers collected about 500 trees. Lets see if the good residents of St Anne’s can break this record!

Please let us know you have a tree for collection by texting your address details to:

07933 275048
Alternatively you can email –
We will need your address and postcode please and a number we can contact you on if we need to double check any information
This collection service is only available for addresses in St Anne’s
Please let us have your request by 11 am on Friday 5th January

Our volunteers will start collecting on Saturday morning and continue into next week.
It isn’t possible to reply to all requests, but if you have already sent your details we will get to you as soon as we can.
Lets see if we can beat last years numbers!

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