Media Response – Christmas Trees 2017

We have received some great publicity and news coverage to the great work that has been completed to help regenerate the dunes by ‘planting’ Christmas trees.

Click to read the Lytham St Anne's Article
Click to read the Lytham St Anne’s Express Article

Here is the text from an article in The Daily Telegraph on 7/2/2017.

Nature notes from Tuesday’s Telegraph ~ Evergreen shelter for coastal homes

RESIDENTS on the Fylde Coast will get their annual late Christmas present… this week, as volunteers plant recycled Christmas trees to protect their homes. Last year more than 1,000 trees were donated to the Dunes Project by local residents and businesses, and this year it is hoped even more will get involved. Volunteers from Lancashire Wildlife Trust, alongside staff from Fylde council, will work over three days to bury the trees along the sand dunes at Lytham St Annes, helping to form a protective barrier for buildings and wildlife, which are battered by the sea, wind and sand. Andrew Hampson, the council’s coast and countryside ranger, said: “The Christmas tree branches help to trap windblown sand and have in some areas already helped to build the sand up to a height of approximately a metre and maybe more,” Samantha Herbert.



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